Meet the Brothers

Jared glassing from the Crows Nest at sunrise.

Adventures of Louis and Jared is a culmination of Alaskan backcountry hunting, trapping, and exploration stories from a few well seasoned outdoorsmen and women.  Our intentions are to have you at the edge of your seat for two reasons.  One, because you couldn’t believe what you just read, and 2, because you are ready to get out there and begin your own adventure wherever that may be.  We will take you from marsh to mountain top in all seasons and conditions while successfully harvesting game and breaking into new country all the while offering sound advice from a couple outdoor professionals that have been there and done that.  This site is intended for an adult audience but with supervision will be inspiring to America’s youth as well, help us guide them into the ways of the wild, teaching safety, hunter and trapper ethics, and how to make a ‘light’ foot print when they are exploring! Here is our bottom line:  Sweat a lot, bleed a little, and cry if you must but more than anything, complete what you have set out to do.  Never accept defeat.

Louis Creviston

Kyrptek Camo-2

I am a hardcore do it yourself Alaskan hunter, trapper, and explorer.  There’s no place I won’t try to get to for a chance at awesome critters or even a little gold!  To me a vacation is heading up the trap line and staying in a cabin built in 1932 with temps at or lower than -45.  I believe in searching the extra mile for top quality American made equipment that will not inhibit an operation.  I married my childhood friend shortly after graduating high school and have 3 beautiful daughters between the ages of 13 and 4.  My duty for my children is to teach them the most important and valuable things in life, what is real, what is in the forests and mountains!  Of the many occupations I’ve held the most memorable are working as a mineral driller, with the Alaska State Troopers, and currently as a Life and Business Achievement Coach.

Jared Creviston


I was born and raised in Alaska’s vast and harsh interior, therefore dealing with whatever nature throws at me comes quite natural.  I’ve hunted small game since I was big enough to throw rocks and it turns out I’m not bad with a rifle either having harvested moose and caribou!  I got hooked on trapping after I went with my brother Louis and his friend Jared on their line and we caught a marten and a black wolf that day.  Since then I’ve become an accomplished trapper and explorer harvesting every furbearer Alaska offers.  I work full-time out of the Electricians Union as a Wireman, I enjoy my work very much but at the same time I long for the day that I can head back into the country!  I believe all things are possible and one should never stop fighting for what their after, squint your eyes, grit your teeth and get it!

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  1. Dwight Phillips says:

    Cool Bio’s! Glad to know you guys!


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