It was well UNTIL…

Well this hunt with my wife and Jared’s wife was probably one of the shortest hunts I’ve ever been on!  It was wonderful though, I spent an entire day with Stephanie on a sunny hillside watching a couple real nice bulls and trudging through the swamp grass and into some big timber on the hills! We made plans to put the heat on the moose the following morning, it would require some serious walking!  We grunted and racked and called up a storm from our perch in the old burn to get those bulls ready for what was to come!
That night, about 7:45, we headed back towards camp.  I kept looking over my shoulder, felt like I was being followed or at least being watched.  Earlier in the day I had heard noises nearby that were, peculiar and made me think of bears.
Back in camp Jared and I were rousting up a heck of a dinner for the women and let me tell you, I can do Top Ramen!  I mean if you’re wanting gourmet, I’ve got a recipe!
Any way, it was dark now, 9:30 or so and the air was dead when a significant crack came from just across the creek about 60 feet away!! I’m not to alarmed at first sounds from nature unless I know it’s coming from an animals mouth with sharp teeth!  One time on a perfectly still day Jared and I were hunting in an old forest when suddenly a massive birch tree fell over! Now that was quite alarming!  But this time, given my earlier feelings of being watched, the time of night, and the proximity to camp, I set down my meal and stood up.
What happened next caused the adrenal glands to come alive in all four of us!  Our camp is surrounded on 2 sides by water, the creek is 1-3 feet deep with 8 foot banks.  A game trail crosses the creek about 30′ beyond the fire.  Another side of camp is blocked by a wall of black spruce, and then a section of a bunch of rotten birch trees laying on the ground.
The next 2 sounds told me instantly what was taking place.  The loud breaking of tree and branches followed by rapid splashing was the bear climbing up the bank on our side of the creek, loosing his footing and splashing back into the water before finally getting us in his sights again!  Before the splashing was over Jared and I had pistols drawn with SureFire lights penetrating the darkness and catching just a glimpse of a dark animal at 30 feet!  The bear wasn’t charging yet but moving to our right just inside the black spruce and we lost sight of him quickly.  Over the next 4-5 minutes we heard him circle around by the wheelers and then back over to the creek and then, nothing.  Was he waiting nearby, lost interest, or high tailed it somewhere else?
I can tell you one thing, Stephanie and Joann were not interested in hunting moose at this point!  They were more keen on the idea of loading up camp immediately and finding out if our trucks were where we left them!  Easier said than done, the 24 miles back was riddled with mud, muskeg, and tight trails and we’d be getting to the rigs around 2AM if all went well!
Well we did pack camp and leave and all did go well and we did make it back by 2!  It was a great adventure especially having Stephanie and Joann along!  Stephanie told me that going with me was my 11th Anniversary gift and boy did she nail it, I was so happy to have her with and show her what I love to go out and do!
Fellas if your wife asks you to take her hunting, do it!  Take good care of her though, every bit of it might be a new experience and she’ll need help along the way.  For others it may come quite naturally!
Happy Trails to all of you and I hope this seasons hunts went great!

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