The Replacements

This year I wasn’t able to moose hunt with my brother Jared, in fact, I didn’t get to hunt this year at all.  Jared wasn’t sure who he would ask to come along but I think he had a suspicious feeling that it might end up being he his Wife and Mother!!  The two of them took my place in the hunt and did such a good job!

Here is the story from my Mother of the hunt and the successful harvest of her second big game animal!

My son offered to take me, (his mom) and his wife on our first moose hunt. It was a cold, clear blue sky weekend, perfect weather! He got all our gear together, borrowed an extra 4-wheeler and we were ready to go in the wee dark hours of the early morn. Fall is my favorite season to be out in the hills n trees. Everything smelled so good. We arrived at “Camp” and headed right out on foot looking for moose. The afternoon got really nice and warm which led to a cozy nap in the sun. The day was uneventful so we headed back n put up camp. Early the next morning we geared up for another day of walking. It was very chilly. As we walked Jared would do his moose calling. It didn’t take long and we got an answer! I was so excited! They actually called back n forth with us and we could hear the antlers banging around in the trees! We worked our way closer n closer and still could not get eyes on the moose, the brush was so thick. I could hear it huffing out its breath, it sounded so close. Then we heard a cow in the distance…. It was gonna be showtime! I could see the tops of the trees moving as a beautiful bull crested the hill. His antlers were silhouetted against the early morning light. Right behind him came another bull! Both stood on the top of the hill waving their racks in response to Jared’s calling. I had my gun up n ready just waiting for it to turn so I could take my best shot. It came closer n closer n I was just spellbound by its size n beauty. I finally whispered over to Jared, “can I shoot it?” He said ” shoot it NOW”! Bam, the huge guy dropped to his knees and the other bull took off! After a couple minutes we started towards the moose, I couldn’t stop smiling, so excited, sooo much adrenalin being that close!  After pictures with my first moose the real work began, they are so much bigger than a caribou!

I am very grateful to live in the great state of Alaska and to have a son that will get his mom out to do things she didn’t even know could be on her bucket list!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Donald says:

    Beth, I am starting to hate you…..Just jealous…….Envy…


  2. Ralph says:

    What Don said…..


  3. Beth says:

    But I still love you all!!! Maybe one day I take you with me!!


  4. Paul says:

    What a experience Beth, wow….thanks for sharing


  5. Sharon says:

    If you take Don with you, I wan to go along as a camera person. I could make lots of money. Congratulations.


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