Fulfilling More Than a Tag

10 years ago my Dad was supposed to take all 3 of his girls hunting. He ended up passing away that year. So I started going that year in 2006 and I’ve been going ever since. In 2013 I got my first bow, I was so excited! Got my brother excited to the point where we talked about getting our certs to go bow hunting together! Unfortunately I lost him that year.

I didn’t really pick my bow back up until this year. I ended up buying a new one. Worked all summer long getting it sighted in. I passed my bow shoot on August 22, 2016!! On September 5th, less than 2 miles from my house, I shot my first bull!

I was going down my uncles road following him when I happened to look to my right and saw the bull! I was so excited! It was about 30 yards out. I took a few controlled breaths and let that arrow fly! I heard a thump, thump…. He ran! Thankfully I found him less than 20 yards from where I shot him with my bow!!

My Uncle and I felt my Dad there and my brother…. What a great feeling being able to provide and work hard for that meat. This moose was very special to me. Never give up:)

Jennifer C.



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