Weekend Warriors

What was your weekend like? I was certainly able to cover some ground! Saturday found me up the Salcha River with a couple friends Garry and Carl doing a run up to retrieve stashed fuel. The fuel had been hauled in by boat in preparation for a moose hunt last year but Garry never made it back into that country before season ended. Between the warm weather weekend marauders and the destructive spring bears, Garry figured it best to haul the fuel back out and not risk losing a couple hundred gallons of the high dollar premium!  I was happy to help and spend some time in new country!


Sunday morning the kids and wife were rousted out of bed at 6:30 to accompany Jared and I on the trail! With the weather so warm the gals easily handled the 45 mile run on our shorter trapline. Jared showed his nieces how to make sets, re-bait sets, and care for sets already out. Not much fur on this run but enough to make the kids want more!

Hard to beat a trapline sunrise!

The kids were thrilled with this beautiful red fox!  And Uncle Jared, well he was thrilled with all the snacks my wife and kids brought!!

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as this!  If not, you have 5 days to prepare for the next one, get out and make some woodsy memories!


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