Fatal Calling

If you spend much time off the highway system in Alaska it is likely that wolves have been very near to you. Personally that thought (knowledge) is a little discomforting, if wolves only knew how easy we are to take down the tables would quickly turn!

But…..  They don’t!  So mankind remains the ‘Ultimate Predator.’  To have the chance to take the shot on a wolf is rare and the skill to execute that shot on a small moving target is even more rare.  So hats off to a couple of Interior Alaska’s Sharp Shooters!

photo 1(1)Donnie is pictured above with a beautiful black wolf taken at 300+ yards!  Donnie’s friend Garry is on the right and is one of a kind when it comes to moose calls!  No moose were in the area however and for good reason, this wolf emerged from the black spruce and was quickly dispatched!

photo 3 (2)Abel with a stunning white wolf ranged close to 200 yards!  While calling for moose this wolf appeared and was headed directly towards Abel!  It caught his scent however where they had walked not long ago and turned a quick 180 and was high tailing it for cover!  A single shot through the engine block on the fly!

These 2 wolves are very different, but only in color.  Both Donny and Able along with their hunting partners were calling for moose from elevated locations.  One overlooking a grassy swamp and black spruce forest, the other over a burn and dry lake bed.  Both hunters were mixing in cow calls along with grunts, it’s typically a lower pitched whine.

While I was employed with the State Troopers Wildlife Division I encountered a young bull caught by the leg in a wolf snare that had been left open from the previous trapping season.  At first I thought there was a cow nearby because I was hearing lots of whining that sounded a lot like a cow call.  After spending a few minutes there I realized it was a ‘distress’ whine coming from the bull.  It was slightly higher pitched than a cows call but otherwise identical.

So, can predators mistake the two calls?  A cow call for a distress call?  I believe so, and I’ll bet the hunters mentioned here would agree.  Perhaps a new spectrum to predator calling?!

Thanks a lot fella’s for the pics and once in a lifetime stories!  Anyone else with a similar experience we would love to hear about it!


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