#7 In The World

At least once a day I imagine what it would be like to shoot a record breaking animal, or even one that holds a place in the top ten of the world.  My longtime friend and bear hunting partner Jared Cummings experienced this last year on August 4.  After a lot of recon he carefully chose a stretch of beach on Alaska’s west coast, a beach riddled with big bears!

While Jared remained with his plane resting before the dangerous walk on the beach he had the pleasure of viewing 12 bears! Between the hours of midnight and 4am 2 bears came within 30 yards of him, though reluctant they departed when he yelled at them to get away.

Once the stalk got underway Jared had to force 6 other bears away from him before finally coming to the 100 yard line, only 100 yards away from a record bear feeding on a walrus!  Facing the bear head on, undetected, he placed a single shot from a 375 directly under the chin and….  The bear didn’t move, nothing, motionless.  He knew he hadn’t missed but also hadn’t seen many bears die that peacefully, so he gave extra time before approaching.

As he walked towards the massive bear and walrus a sow and 2 cubs put on a charge for him, coming under 30 yards before side stepping away!  This place was out of control!




Hunters Mike Lane and Jared Cummings



That skull is 26 15/16″, the hide squared 9’8″ making it the seventh largest bear in the world officially scored with Boone and Crockett!  Congratulations Jared, quite an accomplishment!  See you in a while buddy!


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