Wolf Cam

This last summer I talked with a friend about using trail cams on the trap line. I didn’t think the batteries would hold up but apparently they will. Shortly after this trapping season opened my brother got one as a gift so he set it up on the long line!
Wolves are always running slightly ahead or shortly behind us on the river so Jared mounted it on an uprooted tree stump out in the middle, then I carefully placed a buckwheat biscuit out in front! I wasn’t sure if a wolf would eat it or not but thought it should at least stop him for a good picture and it did!



2015Trap33Turned up this beautiful grey headed down river 2 days behind us! As well as a healthy looking black wolf another couple days later! Sure is cool to see them alive and well and not always dead or about to die. Thanks for the idea Garry and for the camera Mark!

Getting started and keeping things going has been a little tougher this year than last. My first trip up 65 miles back I began hearing a terrible knocking from the clutch side of the machine and after turning around I saw it was a bearing about to go out, that’s a show stopper. I rode 20 miles back down river to Central and stayed the night in a friends cabin then in the morning continued my ride out. I only made it another 27 miles when sparks and smoke started coming from the machine, darn it, had 20 miles left to go!

2014Trap23At 2 pm I called Jared with the sat phone and thankfully he not only answered but his boss let him off work early to come tow me home. I didn’t know exactly how long it would take them to get to me or if they would have troubles also, better get started on firewood incase I have to stay the night. His machine wouldn’t tow mine and my sled so along came mom on my older tundra to pull my sled out. She had a great time and by 8:45pm we were all back to the trucks. And a thanks to Delta Power Sports for having my machine ready for more trails just a few days later!

I’ll let pictures tell the rest of the story, a couple of them are worth a thousand words!


Here we have the hanging meat set, something we wanted to try on wolverine and it worked great!  That’s half a beaver carcass hanging there for bait and an old MB750 placed underneath.



An awesome black wolverine was waiting for us!


From deep snow to deep water we get a little bit of all conditions back there.  And when you run 100+ miles of river you’re GOING to get wet!!  Get used to it and go prepared!  Jared’s machine there swamped pulling doubles, only needed 40 more feet to reach good ice. The rope along helped out there.


The old woodstove and pipe was falling apart with every piece of wood added so a new one was built and hauled in!  What a difference, we slept most of the first night with the door half open!


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  1. Ralph says:

    Thanks boys. I’ve enjoyed your pictures and adventures. (uncle Ralph)


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