Cougars in the AK?!

I friend of mine just posted that while traveling between Delta Junction and Fairbanks today he saw a cougar!  No, not the old grey haired kind, a huge tan cat with a long ass tail (as he put it)!  Biggest cat he’s ever seen and yes, he’s a life long Alaskan and knows the difference between a cougar and a lynx.  He saw it on the west side of the highway near the Boondocks Bar in Salcha.


Less than 10 miles to the east I was told a story from an old pipeline engineer about seeing a cougar while flying survellance in the late 80’s.  There’s been a couple sitings along the Taylor Highway as well.  There’s a lot of doubters to the matter but critters arent bound by anything, they’ll do as they please.  What do you think about it?


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  1. Carl Taylor says:

    There is absolutely no reason that a cougar couldnt find its way up here from Canada. I have seen deer tracks at the base of the Granites before, why not a lion!


  2. gordon Tuck says:

    HOLY CRAP ! I live just up from the boondox and that is the area WE saw the cougar about 10 years ago. Four of us got a good look at it. And four years ago , two of us spotted on in a field on the left up Johnson road. I can assure you , we all KNOW what a cougar looks like. G. Tuck


  3. Dwight Phillips says:

    If I had one, I’d ahad fifty pics of it!


  4. Paul Ames says:

    My dad talked about hearing cougars at night way back in the forties, he was a guide and trapper in the Charley river country.


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