We’re one week into the short dark trapping season and what a way to start it off! I was still working on the opening weekend so Jared ran our 2 local lines solo and got them completely set in a couple long days. One of the two yields primarily coyotes and marten and off the other we catch everything but water critters.

Saturday Jared and I hooked onto 1 marten and 1 coyote!

2014Trap2 - Copy2014Trap3

Sunday was more productive but also frustrating. On this other line we deal with 2 wolf packs ranging in size from 3-5 in one and 5-8 in the other. This week we brought the pack from 5 down to 3! Before those 3 left the scene they decided to partially eat both of the wolves we had snared eating off both ears, the nose, and then tearing open its guts on one and thankfully only eating the tongue out of the other.

Seeing a tuft of hair and blood and guts next to your wolf isn’t a good sign.



This isn’t uncommon but it is the first time it’s happened to us on wolves at least. Below is what’s left of a lynx that another lynx was hungry enough to eat and completely ruin its fur, there is still value in its claws and skull but those are small fries compared to its hide value.

Trapping42 - Copy

We caught 4 more marten putting us at 5, hopefully the market can pick up from last years and maybe we can break even on cost, we‘ll see. With the temps so warm and a late freeze at that it will be late December before we make it onto the long line.

Is your trapping season off to an odd or awesome start?!  Tell us about it!


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  1. Akhowler says:

    Great job guys, off and running to a good start.


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