A Mother’s First Kill

Here’s one from my mother Beth Creviston about her first big game kill just a few days ago!

I’ve been in Alaska for 34 years and have never hunted for anything bigger than a grouse!  I went caribou hunting with my son last year but I carried the camera and helped pack the meat home. This year it finally happened, I got my hunting license and carried a gun back into the same valley!
It was a cool grey day, drizzling on and off. A perfect day to hunt. I was afraid of getting cold but it didn’t take long to find I was definitely over dressed. We dropped a few pieces of clothing in the bushes and trekked on up the trail. Jared is quite a bit faster than I am so he was in the lead and spotted the small group of caribou. As I caught up he signaled that they were just over the ridge. (My heart was pumping hard from the hike and now it started to really pump! ) We did the low crawl up into a good position. I peeked my head up n could see a lone bull and 6(?) Cows. I wanted the bull. He walked around and I waited until he was broadside to me. Did I say my heart was pumping, hands were shaky and I had the biggest smile on my face? This was fun and I hadn’t squeezed the trigger yet!!!
I was ready to squeeze on the bull but had waited to long trying to slow my breathing and he had turned head on to look at me. He just stood there and stared. After a bit it was time to pick a different bou. I set my sights on 1 of the cows and fired. She dropped her head and slowly started stepping backwards. She went about 30 yrds and dropped. It was my perfect kill shot, right through the heart and lungs!


Thank you Cabelas! I had been playing their hunting game and was getting good at it. I was soooo excited that I wanted to jump up and shout and dance but I didn’t. I didn’t know if that was “appropriate” hunt behavior! : ) There were 3 hikers that had come up behind us and watched the show adding just a bit to my stress of first shot.


We dressed her out and loaded our packs. It was a good jaunt to the truck and in a few hours I was in a hot shower trying to soothe my muscles.


I had no idea hunting was that much fun! I won’t miss out again! I’m so grateful for sons that are willing to teach mom how to hunt.

Story by Beth Creviston

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  1. Caitie says:

    Great job Beth! Sounds like a good time! Congrats on your first bou 🙂


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