Bobbing For Beavers

Have you ever wanted something real bad, bad enough to strip down naked and swim after it?!  My brother has and that something was beavers, nope, not that kind, I’m talking about the ones that live in ponds!  We found an area fairly close to us that allowed beavers to be taken with a rifle under a trapping license.  In the early stages of spring breakup we rode our wheelers across the river and stashed em in the woods and would return in a couple weeks to do the hunt.  Now, using my jet ski we rode down river to the wheelers and then rode 15 miles to a scattered handful of ponds and lakes which to our delight had immediate beaver sign!  We could see 6 beavers on the far side of one big lake so we made our way around through the tall grass and got posted up and waited.

We were using Jared’s AR-15 .223 with a Leupold 6.5×20 optic, it’s a tack driver!  I had first beaver so laying prone I lined up on one swimming slow to the right at 55 yards, key is to get em right in the head to help prevent it from sinking after it’s shot.  Perfect shot right in the head!  As soon as we knew he was hit Jared sprung to action, getting full moon naked!  He was the designated beaver retriever!  It was so funny watching him swim out there I could hardly film it then I realized, I’m filming my brother naked in a pond, this is real weird.  After that at least he decided to leave his underwear on.  Jared went in after 3 beavers that night and we made it back to the river a little after midnight in that cold spring air.  We jumped back on the jet ski, unfortunately we rode 100 yards and sucked up a stick reducing power to about a ¼, not enough for an upstream haul.  I managed to skid into the far bank and secure it until we could come back with tools and remove the intake grate.  We’d be hiking from here, up and over the bluff to the highway and boy did we turn some heads once we were on the road!  2 AM, 2 guys walking on the side of the road carrying 4 guns and 3 beavers, they wouldn’t understand the wild redneck night we were having!  We didn’t have a raft or an inner tube or a boat, all we had was a desire for beaver furs.  So, run what ya brung and get some!

The long range Remington cracks down on a couple nice beaver!
The long range Remington cracks down on a couple nice beaver!

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