Bears (close quarters) Part 2.

Back at it again 2 years later with my friend Jared another exciting Grizzly hunt this time north east of Kotzebue in May.  A couple weeks earlier Jared found a kill, either wolf or the bear had done it himself, either way there was 2 grizzly’s feeding on it so Jared kept a close eye.


Jared's friend Eric is an excellent back country pilot.
Jared’s friend Eric is an excellent back country pilot.

Once I got there a friend of Jared’s flew us out in his super cub later in the evening, temps were between 10 and 20 above so we got the tent together and gear situated for tomorrows mission!  Before crawling in the sleeping bags for the night we hiked up the river for a ways and ended up spotting one of the bears, he climbed up a snowy slope and disappeared into a large rock outcropping.  Cool to see em but a little disappointing not knowing where he went and if he would be back to the kill, I wondered about it all night.

Silently waiting 62 yards from the kill!

By 10:30 the next morning we had slithered into a perfect hide on the opposite bank of the river from the bear.  In the above photo the bear is in the rocks in the upper left hand corner, slept there all night and continued to sleep there all da gone day while we sat in the snow!  6 hours later we figured we’ll try something to get him down here, pulled out the ol predator call!  While I watched for the bears reaction through binos Jared wailed on that thing and boy did it do the trick!  The bear literally laid on his belly, front paws at his sides and came down like a damn giant brown torpedo! One of the funniest things we had ever seen!  He broke the tree line, dropped onto the river bed and was headed straight for the kill now under 300 yards!  At this point we began to feel a little naked, a little alive, just hiding behind a tree and some sticks right behind his dinner plate!  At 100 yards he stopped and looked directly at us, staring hard and I was positive we were busted but after 10 seconds he continued on unalarmed.  Ill tell ya though I was fairly alarmed, at that range it wouldn’t take him long at all to be right in our faces!  He approached the kill, turned a perfect broadside to me right in the shooting window I was waiting for!  The .450 rang out and put a round clean through the bears chest, he spun 2 circles and went over on his back, another bear in the bag boys!  This makes 3 bears Jared and I have harvested together, it’s becoming a habit I guess.

Louis with a beautiful grizzly just under 7′!
Jared lashing the hide down in a sled we borrowed from Eric's kids!
Jared lashing the hide down in a sled we borrowed from Eric’s kids!
Skinned out and sledding the hide and skull back to camp.
Found open water on the way back and re-hydrated.

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